Under Pressure ~ Pressure Cooker Mexican Chicken

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Microwave Pressure Cooker – Round 3 (ignore that.. I think we’re way past that number now.)

Huh… (head scratch) I coulda sworn I did this already. But, in going through and readjusting things for the new layout, I realized I didn’t actually do any of the original cooker tests.

I’m feeling a little like Brian Williams. (meh)

So we’re playing catch up and  getting to those CooksEssentials Microwave Pressure Cooker Tests that  should have been up in September…

Mexican Chicken

Okey dokey – This round I’ve decided to adapt one of the recipes provided with the cooker. I’ll give my changes beside the listed ingredients, underlined

1 – 3 Pound Chicken – In stews, roasts… well, just about anything in chicken pieces, I like to use one cut… be it all thighs, breasts, whatever. One cut of meat will generally cook at the same time, so you never worry about over or under cooking the proteins. This time, there was a sale on fresh-cut (not frozen) chicken legs at the butcher. I’ve substituted 8 Skin-On Chicken Legs.

1 Cup Uncooked Rice – The suggestion was to use par-boiled rice or Arborio (risotto) rice. Since everything is going to cook at the same time, make the effort and go get the risotto rice. It’s a denser structure designed for long cooking and wont fall to pieces in the stew

8 Ounces cooked Black Beans – I didn’t have any. I’ve substituted chick peas because I have them…. and… chick peas are a harder bean that will stand up to the pressure and not turn to mush in the pot. (much like that rice). So, 1 Can Chickpeas with liquid. It may be interesting to note that this is the last of the 2 dozen cans purchased for the beach wedding 3 years ago that I never used.

1/2 Cup Salsa – I’ve substituted 1 Large Green Tomato – Diced,  and 1 Clove Garlic – Chopped.

1 Cup Chicken Stock

1 14 oz Can Diced Tomatoes with Chilis – I’ve used Red/Gold Brand
1 Tablespoon Taco Seasoning… Yeah, if you’ve got it – use it. I don’t usually keep spice blends on hand, so I’ve made my own. It’s basically the same thing. Feel free to use fajita seasoning, if that’s what you have.

1 Tablespoon Lime Zest – I’ve used 3 to 4 Drops Lime Oil, instead.

1/2 Teaspoon each Salt & Pepper

Step 1

Mix the salt, pepper, chicken legs and Taco Seasoning  in a bowl and let mingle until you get the cooker ready


Step 2

Place all the rest of the ingredients in the cooker


Step 3

Place the marinated chicken on TOP of the liquids


Step 4

Seal the cooker, place in the micro and cook on high for 24 minutes. The original recipe uses a whole chicken, so the cooking time was skewed to 40 minutes. For just legs or thighs, it will not be necessary.

After the cooking is finished, Carefully remove from the micro and allow to depressurize naturally.

Mexi Chicken

Serve each person a couple of legs and a spoonful of the mexi-stew in the pot.

Oh, and yeah – it’s slammin‘. Definitely a repeat weeknight meal.

Total Cooking Time:

Prep – 5 Minutes

Marinate – 15 Minutes

Pressure Cook – 24 Minutes

Depressurize – 6 Minutes

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