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Okay, time to try something new… I’ve been poking around looking for new ways to get that fodder out there. I recently found Yummly – and I like their vibe.
So, I’m excited to announce that we’re now a “maybe…” official publisher on Yummly.  ... just as soon as all the boxes get ticked, the T’s get crossed, and all the other things that has to happen in order for this to work.

Yummly — a recipe directory that makes it easier for foodies to do what they love – cook, eat, and share! If you already use Yummly, you can use the Yum button to save your recipes to your personal recipe box. If you don’t yet use Yummly or know what it is, you can sign up here.

Make you a batch of that Honeycomb Popcorn, kick your shoes off and start scrolling through our delicious recipe box (more recipes to come) — a world of Yummly Fodder delights awaits… as soon as we get a couple up there. “Yum” your favorites to save them for later.


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I cook stuff... I'm a kitchen tool... I am.. - a food guy. - a Restaurant Consultant, - a Kitchen Designer and Remodeler. - a Part-time Landscaper, - an Occasional Caterer, - a very lazy author (or, so my ex-editor says) - Seriously under-employed I have... - eaten things that would probably have been better off in the trash - bungee jumped before it was even considered marginally safe - Thought..really, truly thought.. I would be dead by 30 sheared sheep for fun and personally castrated three of them. - have three novels in varying stages of incompleteness - been crushed by a grand piano. (The piano was undamaged) - been bitten by a chimpanzee - spent an entire night fishing for squid off the coast in Thailand - been the guest of honor at a dinner for reasons I am still unsure of - have a thing about deli meat, in general ... mortadella, specifically

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