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Something Fishy Going on…

There are rules – Never run with scissors,,,, Look both ways before crossing the street… Never burn bridges with a former employer… Don’t stick your finger in the electrical outlet… Never.. Ever cook cheese with fish…. … And while with most of those there is […]


Six, the Easy Way ~ Vegetable Tamales

Mexican Restaurants – Whether it’s the strength of the margaritas, the freshness of their chips, the scoville scale of their salsa, or just how “authentic” it all is; everyone has their own way of judging a good one. Me? I look at two things. 1). Chili Rellenos : […]


Simple Dinner Sunday ~ Chicken & Rice

Bonus at the market the other day…. tiny chickens. I’m not talking game hens (which can run upwards of $8), I’m talking itty bitty one pound fryers…. for a buck. I grabbed a handful (six) tossed them  in the cart, and sang a little song […]

"Sway (swai) with Me"

Being a child of the 60’s had it’s advantages as far as television was concerned. There were only three channels to choose from, two of the stations signed off with the National Anthem as soon as the eleven o’clock news finished, and on Sundays (when […]

Shank’d – Faux Pho

I’m a horror when it comes to shopping at the international markets. I buy things that: I have no idea what they are or What you’re supposed to do with them or Buy just way too freakin‘ much of it. or Sometimes, all three…. shush… […]

Hadji and a Couple of Thugs

Here’s the thing… so it’s not quite Alibaba and the Forty Thieves… okay – not even close. But the thought of packing 40 cloves of garlic into a chicken wing dish just gave Jane the Heebie Jeebies , ’cause she’s not really the garlic-zoo-breath kind of fan […]

Vacations Past & Seafood Veracruz

Sometime well before The Gulf Cost of Mexico became a slightly more garish version of Panama City, you could grab a $150 flight with an ID and a promise that you were a US Citizen, bribe a taxi, and be on the beach somewhere in […]

Aversion Therapy and Lentil Pot Pie

Prior to this past week, I would have told you I hated lentils. Since we were supposed to have the storm of the season here with freezing rain, sleet and a nice layer of snow to top it off – I thought it was best […]

Baleful Bounty – Chopping Broccoli

Typically, the garden year for me ends with the chili – picking festival as I strip even the most minuscule nub of a pepper off the plants just before fall. Don’t get excited… there are no invites – and the peppers just barely fill a mason jar. […]

Simple Dinner Sunday – Country Pork Ribs

Okay… a “Country-Style Rib” is really a misnomer – they really aren’t ribs … at all. While ribs come from ..well, the rib-ish  back and belly areas – Country Style ribs are actually from the shoulder roast (also known as a Boston Butt) area of […]

Curb Market Crawl – Meatier, Meat Sauce

Fennel Dee, Dee… ” I adore thinly shaved fennel tossed with a light olive oil vinaigrette, scattered on a fresh  roasted garlic and white truffle pizza.” … said by – absolutely no one at the Dahlonega Walmart… ever… And I know that because I found  Six – marked […]

99 cans of chickpeas on the wall…

For the most part – they’ve been there a year. Back last October when I was preparing for the “Party with a Pretty Dress”, in the middle of packing the truck for the 5 hour drive, I rationally  ran to the market and picked up […]